Monday, February 16, 2015

Secret Garden Challenge.....come take a look.

Secret Garden 2015 

Welcome back to my creative journey in not only blogging but jewelry making.  I have had a few curve balls thrown my way and have had to create on the go at my studio and I am at my mom’s condo 4 days a week. I carry supplies (a lot) of what I think I may have time for and may need back and forth.  

I found that making clay components for my Build a Line Challenge and Secret Gardens are the easiest to do so that is what I have been up to lately.

There was another  challenge in January that I wanted to complete with the group Bohemian Vibe, which was started by Brenda Sue Lansdowne & Christi Friesen in conjunction with a class that I attended in May 2014, sponsored by B’sue Boutiques ( Christi is a popular worldwide polymer clay artist and author of many books & has great clay products at (

B'sue Christi Friesen Retreat may 2015
The January 2015 challenge was Secret Garden. Below is what my first interpretation of this challenge. This challenge was extended through February so I hope I can get another one completed.
January 2015 Secret Garden Challenge  
It was a lot of fun and I am using some of the same flowers for my Build a Line Challenge (BALC) which will have some simpler designs.
That’s all for now. The second blog hop for the BALC challenge will be this Friday February 20th. Hope you stop back and you will be able to find so many other wonderful blogs from many talented artists.

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  1. Janet, what a pretty piece! And carting your materials back and forth, that is an undertaking! See you at the next hop!

  2. Beautiful pendants and colors. I know from meeting you and seeing your designs up close and personal how awesome you and your designs are. Cant wait for the complete line.