Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Getting organized!

Another year older ( not liking January birthdays) and I am ready to get organized.  Wow the busy holidays left my worktable a wreck. Guess I better say that I made it a wreck.....all those bits and pieces that never seem to find their way back to the original containers. How many containers of odds and ends do you have? I have quite a lot. This is a peek and I will post hopefully when cleaned up!

 I have been looking at all the wonderful posts my artistic friends have made and knowing I need to get my act together and clear that worktable.  The Build A Line Challenge application date is the 8th and I have to be ready.  I have a plan and hope that it will be accepted for the challenge. More on this one stay tuned.

Also in the works is the January Bohemian Vibe Challenge by Christi Friesen. It is Secret Gardens theme. What a great idea and better yet I have my idea for that one....so excited.

Thanks for stopping by to see what I am up to!


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  1. Great blog. Will be watching for your Build A Line challenge.